In 1912 Civiletaternes Centralorganisation bought the land, that was to later house the Conference Center, for the staggering sum of 633 Kroner and 22 øre.

Holiday homes were built, and the area became a favourite holiday destination. Since then, the location has changed appearance and owners a number of times and by 1914 it was already expanding with several more holiday homes.

Between 1967 to 1969, the main building was demolished and some of the buildings that exist today were built.


In order to ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations for a modern and well-functioning conference centre, over the years we have continued to improve, update build and expand. It is work that never ends.


In 1980, we built the leisure building and added the first floor. From 1980 until 2001, all the rooms were thoroughly renovated, and the Centre was expanded with several new bedrooms, meeting rooms and living rooms and became the Kobæk Strand we know today.


In 2001, the Centre expanded with another 5 meeting rooms and a living room, while the reception was expanded, and a large sculpture by the artist Erik Heide was erected in front of the main entrance.


In 2006, a barbecue area, which can be covered by awnings, was built with a large outdoor kitchen and space for 90 guests.


In 2008 – 2009 the Centre was expanded again with 28 Single Rooms and the leisure building rebuilt to accommodate an exercise room and a nice wine cellar, the Vinotheket, which is connected to a new Banquet Room.


Since 2012, we have upgraded the majority of our bedrooms with new beds, curtains, carpets and lighting, so that they live up to the high standard seen throughout the Centre.


In 2013 we built a new kitchen, and in the oldest building the ventilation system is replaced.


In 2017, a total of 420 new chairs and tables were purchased for the conference rooms.


In 2018 we completely renovated our living room – which is the heart of the Kobæk Strand Conference Center

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