Conference rooms

We can host up to 255 guests in our many flexsible conference rooms.


We have 21 conference rooms in three connected sections. Their flexibility makes it possible to host less than 10 participant and up to 255 participants.


Ten of our conference rooms can be rearranged according to your demand of space and furnishing. All conference rooms are equipped with:


• 50/50 MB internet

• Free Wi-Fi everywhere

• LCD projector

• Flip over

• CD and DVD player via PC


Our three largest conference rooms, Storebæltsalen, Kobæksalen and room 11/12 are equipped with a wireless microphone system. If you need this facility in another room we can provide this as well.


Our largest room, Storebæltsalen, is provided with a teleprompter, fully equipped lectern and telecoil.


All of our group rooms are equipped with:

  • 50/50 MB internet
  • Whiteboard
  • Flip over


Several group rooms also have LCD projectors.


Download the overview of our conference rooms here.



We are looking forward to seeing you at your next conference at Kobæk Strand.